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Fresh Weighted Blanket for Adults



Single size blanket: 150x200cm

Use this cool weighted blanket on its own or with a duvet cover; great gift for every adult. Great calming sensory blanket for adults to help decompress and provide comfort!

The cold touch of the bamboo weighted blanket and the glass beads have a specific feature to keep you cool all night-long by providing you tranquility. This feature provides a deep and relaxing sleep by allowing your body to rest and wake up refreshed.

Blankets are designed to be around 10% of the bodyweight.

7kg for 60kg+ 
9kg for 80kg+

Dreamsville weighted blankets are treated with Polygiene® Stays Fresh Technology.

This is an odor-control fabric treatment that inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria, allowing you to wash less.

Polygiene is based on silver salt (AgCl, silver chloride). Silver chloride is naturally present in water and soil. Bluesign® approved and Oeko-Tex® listed, Polygiene helps you stay fresh when you’re on the go, around town or enjoying the outdoors.

  • Stays Fresh: Enjoy fresh-all-day confidence as Polygiene® inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria;
  • Durable: Polygiene’s odor-free performance lasts the lifetime of the product;
  • Skin Friendly: Doesn’t interfere with perspiration or your skin’s natural bacterial flora;
  • Climate Smart: With less washing, your Polygiene-treated products last longer. You also save time, water and energy associated with washing, drastically reducing the environmental footprint of each garment.

Find out more: https://polygiene.com/

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