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Fresh Weighted Blanket for Adults


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Single size blanket: 150×200 cm

Use this cool weighted blanket on its own or with a duvet cover; great gift for every adult. Great calming sensory blanket for adults to help decompress and provide comfort!

The cold touch of the TENCEL weighted blanket and the recycled beads have a specific feature to keep you cool all night-long by providing you tranquility. This feature provides a deep and relaxing sleep by allowing your body to rest and wake up refreshed.

Blankets are designed to be around 10% of the bodyweight.

5kg for 40kg+ 
7kg for 60kg+ 
9kg for 80kg+

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Why weighted blanket is the best choice?

It is a blanket with a therapeutic effect, which, as the name suggests, is many times heavier than a regular blanket. A weighted blanket for adults usually weighs about 7-9 kg. A weighted blanket is relaxing, reduces anxiety and stress, and thereby helps to fall asleep faster.

Our sleep quality has a huge impact on what we are when we wake up and how we cope with our daily lives. Already one sleepless night is devastating for our body and is impossible to restore. A weighted blanket relieves sleep disorders, helps the body and mind relax, and reduces stress and anxiety.

The delicate pressure on the body promotes the production of happiness and satisfaction hormones melatonin and serotonin, which helps you calm and fall asleep faster.

Improves your sleep quality
Reduce stress and anxiety
Saves the world
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Choosing your weight


Dreamsville single-sized weighted blankets are designed to be around 10-15% of your bodyweight.

Blanket weight: 5kg 7kg 9kg
Body weight: 40kg+ 60kg+ 80kg+

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