"Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing's going to get better, it's not."

- Dr. Seuss

Welcome to Dreamsville!

Dreamsville is an Estonian start-up that has taken up the challenge to take responsibility for how well you sleep and for the environment around us at the same time.

Everything started back in 2019...

because Dreamsville founders have an experienced background in developing, producing and marketing bedding products. We have seen a lot and then seeked for opportunities to do even better – improve materials, supply chains and create strategical relations with other material innovation producers.

Our mission is...

that everyone could enjoy the good quality of sleep thanks to products that are well thought-through and proven to help you sleep better. Also, we care that the products don’t just end up in trash bins – we aim to make products that are biodegradable or we recycle them ourselves

Our vision is...

to raise trust against the textile production through material innovation, radical discoveries and smart service models.

Q: How can we get better at being awake?

A: by actually caring!

What do we want?

We want everyone to feel better when we are awake and go to sleep with the knowledge that we have helped to world to become a better place.

How do we get it?

Better quality,

better sleep.

Our product design is thought through and proven that our products can be compared to 5* hotel bedding products which truly helps you sleep better. Don't believe us? Read the reviews at our product sections.

Better sleep,

better life.

Most of the time we don’t even think that our pillow, blanket or other bedding product could actually influence our sleep, but it’s true. You’ve probably been to a hotel where you feel super relaxed the next day - one of the reasons is the bedding they use. But that’s not all.

Better life,

better world.

Our products are biodegradable - this means that our pillows and blankets start to biodegrade themselves in oceans and in other specific environments. We also take back with open arms old pillows and blankets so they don’t just end up in the bins or anywhere, where they’re not supposed to be. Or we just make something new out of them ourselves.

Let's make sleep our superpower

So we don't snooze the bat signal when we are supposed to be saving the world.